Sunday, May 4, 2008

End It On This

Like many fans, I began to read comic books that were a monthly on-going series. I remember waiting in anticipation for the next month’s chapter of whatever superhero book with which I was enthralled. I often fantasized about doing my own monthly book and the storylines I would develop. As I grew older and I started looking at graphic novels, which have more open-ended stories, I began to discover a whole new world of wonderful, rich, complex tales. Open-ended books didn’t need to keep the protagonists alive, they didn’t need to end in a positive note, the main antagonists could be disposed of, and they didn’t have to worry about ending a story arc with a hook for the next one. There is no next one, and there doesn’t have to be.

Unlike my childhood stories, these days I only write open-ended stories. Not only do I feel more satisfied as a writer, but I find myself being more creative when I don’t have to worry about a follow-up. As for Metasearch, I specifically designed it as a series of open-ended graphic novels. If I have a great story to tell with these characters, all I have to do is write another case. I don’t have to worry about churning out stories month after month. The characters have their own lives outside the Metasearch context, and the cases they deal with are so extreme they just don’t happen everyday.

I guess when we like something, we want it to last forever. Maybe it is the instant gratification world we live in, or a reflection on or own mortality, who knows? I’d rather go for quality over quantity anytime. I’ll see you in the page.

Oddman Out