Monday, July 14, 2008

Light Inside

The self-imposed challenge in Page 46 was to have three different light sources. Usually all pages in Metasearch have a light filter that permeates the whole panel. This time (well, it really started in page 45) I have the light coming from the TV set, a bluish glow (in page 31, it was more of a white wash look). The TV screen is its own light source, and it’s so bright that I decided not to let the overall green tint affect it. Even though I painted shadows in the objects and figures, I wanted to create a sense of depth as well, so background shadows were layered into the scenes to produce the desired effect. Panel 3 on page 46 had the distinctive element of the vampire in the background, which introduces red into the mix, but as the tentacles get closer, they start to be mixed with the blue.

Other elements that I like about these last two pages are the use of text free of the balloon as to denote the sound coming from the TV, and the use of different colors to identify the speaker: white for the talk show host, and black for Johnny. I find this last page resembling more of a poster than a comic book page, which I totally love. The faded insert with Anya screaming was a last minute addition, but I think it takes the point across and it adds, rather then takes away from, the impact of the third panel. Without further ado, I’ll leave you the pages and hope you dig them. I’ll see you in the page.

Oddman Out