Monday, July 7, 2008

Whiskey, Mystics and Men

In trying to keep Metasearch grounded to a certain level of realism, I’m often faced with the conundrum of how to approach the supernatural. It is always tempting to go off and create outlandish imagery to convey the phenomena. However, I try to stick to an artistic, yet conservative take on the paranormal. Claire’s empathic ability plays out like a movie, but it’s tainted by whatever emotion is prevalent in the memory. In pages 14 and 15, Harry’s panels are tainted in red, while Lydia’s and her daughter are tainted in blue; anger and fear. Claire’s telemetry is a series of sepia flashes, or cut scenes. Gabriel’s conversation with Mr. Sims in the astral plane (pages 7 to 9) is depicted by bright colors and no shadows (everything is composed of its own light). Also, his telepathy is implied in conversation (page 22 panel 1), and in the lettering (page 42 panel 2). Acantha’s medium skills are shown in her eyes and voice (pages 11 and 12), and in page 43 we can see her precognitive gift as a somewhat abstract collage.

These are all quaint ways to show something otherwise extraordinary. However, this is not the kind of book you’ll see those wonderful Kirby-esque energy crackles, psychic butterflies, or phoenix shapes. To me “Reverie” was written for the engaged reader; one who catches subtleties, and is immersed in the plot. In a world where instant gratification is highly desired, subtleties are just another casualty.

I often find it gratifying to find new things in stories I’ve revisited. I might have gotten the big picture, but as I dwell more in the details of the story, it acquires a deeper dimension. I hope some of that depth permeates “Reverie,” and that every time someone reads it again, they are delighted to find another piece of the puzzle. I’ll see you in the page.

Oddman Out