Friday, July 11, 2008


Throughout the script for “Reverie”, I had a few scenes with voiceovers. Sadly, because of composition, space, and clarity, most of them were jettisoned. Page 45 presented a great opportunity to finally have ambience dialog that is not directly connected with the panels. In my opinion, it brings a level of realism to the story, and fleshes out more of the world in which Metasearch takes place.

In this particular voiceover, I had a chance to play with comical elements. Juxtaposing fear and laughter is nothing new. Actually it is quite a natural reaction. How many times have we nervously laughed at a particularly tense or uncomfortable situation? Movies like “An American Werewolf in
London,” and Ghostbusters” mix both in equal quantities to great success. Moreover, as a plot device, it helps to release stress in order to maintain the level of suspense.

It is known by writers that the two hardest things to create are comedy, and horror. So it’s easy to understand why trying to marry both genres is a monumental task. Online self-publishing has the great advantage of experimentation. Now let’s quiet down and listen to what the voices have to say. I’ll see you in the page.

Oddman Out