Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Out From the Shadows

Out of all the characters in Metasearch, Acantha is the definitely my favorite to write. Her irreverent look at people’s taboos and her agent-provocateur personality are great devices to explore the so called “ordinary” human behavior. Another thing I love about her is her name. Very rarely do I nail a name down with the degree of satisfaction I got from Acantha. Usually it takes me a long time before I’m happy with a character’s name, but Ms. Czigany found hers as if by magic. This sexy button-pusher was the second character I created for the book, and one of the three that survived the novel’s different incarnations.

Acantha’s introduction scene didn’t change much from its conception except for the dialog that had to be revised a number of times to make it work. It is the most minimalist page in the whole book because I wanted to focus the attention solely on the two characters. The fact that there are no panels and all the blacks in the page are merged together gives this scene a very atypical look, which I was hoping to achieve for the séance setting. I’m sure you’ll be charmed by Acantha.

By the way, I just created a forum for Metasearch (see right column) where you can rant about the book. I’ll see you in the page.

Oddman Out