Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In the Still of the Night

Part of the Metasearch world is comprised of a supporting cast. Although recurring, these characters are not necessarily part of every case. Such is the situation of Inspector James McConnor who carries half of the load of representing the reader in the story. He is a jaded, veteran detective who has seen it all. McConnor is a pragmatic workaholic with a blue-collar approach; he likes to work the night shift and still gets his hands dirty instead of riding a desk. Although nearing retirement, the Inspector’s physique tells of a once-imposing rookie cop, who commanded respect. Both his body type and hair style were inspired by a person I knew.

Throughout “Reverie”, it is suggested that McConnor has some history with Metasearch, a past that’s yet to be revealed. The Inspector represents the logical mind; the part of our brain that rationalizes everything. He is a cop, and he lives in a world of analysis, evidence, and facts. Yet his life was touched by the unexplained at one point; in such a way that has shaken him to the very core of his beliefs. This makes McConnor live in a state of semi-denial; hence his reluctance to contact Metasearch. But, it also explains why he would consider them as an answer.

James was born out of the necessity for a story catalyst. However, he soon took a life of his own, and developed his voice. It didn’t take long to develop a soft spot for the big, old, cynic with the stone-like face. I’ll see you in the page.

Oddman Out