Friday, June 6, 2008

These Things

Like I said before, “Reverie” is peppered with little inside jokes and small details that are a source of great joy for me as a creator. Some of these details help ground Metasearch into its own reality, and yet they’re not essential to the story. So I’ll share my joy with you by pointing out a few more of these easter eggs.

There is a cross in every panel of page 1.

The cover of the book on page 4 was an old art school project.

The title is a play to Dion Fortune’s book dealing with the same subject. The “Metasearch” business card McConnor is holding in page 6 was actually the same business cards I used to promote the graphic novel at a comic book convention some years ago.

The “Witch’s Cauldron,” the pub in which the team meets the Inspector, is one of those imaginary places which I got to design as a recurrent place in the book. I’m particularly found of the sign. Also, the artwork on the walls of the pub (page 18 and 19) depict illustrations of witch hunts in England.

McConnor’s Brand of cigarettes, “Gypsy’s” (page 27), is another of my custom designs for the book.

Finally, on page 30, the design on the girl’s T-shirt is from a make-believe rock band I created and it depicts odd-i-t’s own mascot, Oddman. I hope you find these indulgences as amusing as I do. Keep your eyes peeled and I’ll see you in the page.

Oddman Out