Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Long Hard Road Out of Hell

Metasearch’s art falls under the “Digital Art” category. It can also be called mixed media, since there are many elements that comprise each panel. Some people even call this style "experimental". In my opinion, all of these definitions are true. As Imentioned in previous blog entries, I wanted to develop a unique look for the book. Dealing with experimental, digital mixed media proved to be quite challenging, and in blogging, I just give a peek at the many hardships in creating this novel.

Page 31 has been by far the hardest. Painting hues and strokes had to match; different textures and color filters had to be created to give each apartment its own signature look and feel. References, perspectives, and action had to flow seamlessly to convey the action. Elements had to be retouched and blended together. If this was a page solely done in pencils or painting, it would just be a matter of creating each panel without having to deal with all these elements. Then we go on to page 32, which has to match page 23 in order to maintain art continuity.

As you can see, it is sometimes an imperfect method that yields interesting results and creates a distinctive appearance. Every panel is approached differently since each presents its own challenges, but that’s what keeps it interesting for me as an artist. Even the most mundane panel becomes an adventure. I’ll see you in the page.

Oddman Out